Our culture is rooted in a 45-year history of idealism, ecological sensitivity, technical expertise and cost-efficient design. We are engineering consultants and thought leaders who add long-term value as design partners. Today, we are at the forefront of an evolving industry, transforming the concept of what the built environment can be.

With a focus on enlightened design and sustainability, we strive to be a model for the engineering firm of the future. In each of our offices, we use integrated design to create sensible, sustainable solutions that perform well and also teach and inspire. We are people who understand that challenging times require new ideas and meaningful, forward-thinking action. Our mission, simply put, is to create optimal environments for life.

Our Philosophy

We feel that as engineering consultants we are in a key position to help shape a better world. Our philosophy is to serve our clients well, and also serve as a guide for others who want to build in smart, efficient, sustainable ways. We are an advocate for our community (and for future generations to come) and we work hard to produce building solutions that benefit all.

Our Values

Creativity, sustainability, technical excellence, integrated design, energy efficiency, collaboration, enthusiasm – these are values that shape our practice. Since our founding in 1969, we’ve earned a reputation for technical problem solving and engineering innovation. These attributes stem from the values we hold dear: meet client needs, do more with less, and reduce our impact on the environment.