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Sally Painter

CSI Portland Chapter Meeting + Building Tour

Aug 11, 2015

Interface is a proud sponsor for this month’s Portland CSI Chapter Meeting and Building Tour, taking place this Tuesday, September 8th at Portland Water Bureau’s new Interstate Operations and Maintenance Facility. Delivering water to the taps of more than 900,000 Oregonian’s through a complex system of reservoirs, tanks, pipes, pumps and valves, the critical work of maintaining Portland’s 225-square-mile water supply system is based from the Bureau’s Interstate Maintenance Facility. Join project designers from Hoffman Construction, MWA, KPFF Consulting Engineers, ABHT, and Interface’s own Adam Carlson for this educational tour.

WHEN: September 8th | 4:30 - 7:30 pm
1900 N Interstate, Portland OR 97204

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