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Getting to Zero Forum: Achieving ZNE/ZNC Goals in Schools

Oct 02, 2019

Join us to learn more about how colleges and universities are employing aggressive strategies toward high performance campuses. This session will explore how new capital improvement and construction projects incorporate energy targets, integrated design approach, carbon capturing materials, behavioral change, and robust communications reduce building energy demand, water usage, and carbon impact of materials, for notable long-term operational energy and cost savings. Research presented will include a recent study on decarbonizing university buildings comparing electrification to biogas-based approaches, and resulting building efficiency, capital, and operational costs.

Where: Net Zero Conference, Oakland | Oct 11
Topic: Integrated Approach Drives Effective Design Choices to Achieve School’s ZNE/ZNC Goals
Time : 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Who: Hormoz Janssens
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