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Yost Grube Hall Architecture

U.S. Embassy: Islamabad

A challenging campus-wide renovation for a critical facility.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Client: Yost Grube Hall Architecture

Building Size: 1.5 million sf

Project Cost: $1.2 billion

The design team was challenged to develop a campus-wide renovation master plan and design that would expand the 35-acre campus, update facilities and improve the campus’ energy efficiency without taking the embassy off-line during construction. Interface provided preliminary MEP engineering design focusing on increasing water conservation and energy efficiency on the site. Strategies included:

  • Connecting buildings to an on-site sewage treatment plant.
  • Reusing grey water for both irrigation and limited reuse in the housing buildings.
  • Providing a solar hot water system to provide supplemental domestic hot water.
  • Using supplemental heating and cooling from the HVAC systems to heat and cool water.
  • An on-site generator power plant with ten 1.6 megawatt generators, three of which are redundant.
Yost Grube Hall Architecture
Yost Grube Hall Architecture
Yost Grube Hall Architecture
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