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1st Place Whole Building Metamorphosis Awards

Retrofit Magazine

Nov 18, 2022

The ambitious renovation, whose lofty performance goals are intended to showcase progress in sustainable design and inspire similar approaches in other facilities, earned the AGU headquarters the 1st Place award in the Whole Buildings category of the 2022 Metamorphosis Awards.

AGU hired an owner’s representative, architect, engineer and general contractor to work together from the start. The design team understood that a net-zero-energy building is difficult to design and relies heavily on mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems and innovative technologies. They were also quite aware that a major factor in building performance is occupant behavior and to achieve those ambitious performance goals required more than just smart design and advanced technology. The people who work in the space needed to understand the building’s operation and be part of the solution.

“Interface Engineering is proud to have collaborated with AGU, Hickok Cole, MGAC and the entire design team on this transformational project. The AGU Headquarters is proof-positive that existing urban office buildings can be transposed into successful higher-performance, energy efficient, net-zero energy structures. AGU is clearly a model for what is possible.”

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