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Bruce Damonte

Honorable Mention Technology Award for New Education Facilities, ASHRAE, 2013

ASHRAE Journal

May 02, 2013

City College of San Francisco Multi-Use Building was recently awarded a national 2013 ASHRAE Technology Award (Honorable Mention: Education Facilities, New). In the latest issue of the ASHRAE Journal, Principal Hormoz Janssens discusses how Interface Engineering collaborated with the college and design team to use the building form as the predominant source to meet cooling demands for the academic facility. The building, which houses classrooms, administrative offices, specialized laboratories, a childcare/family center, a cafe, and other spaces for student development, opened in August 2010 and is outperforming client and design team expectations.

Case Study: PSU Academic and Student Recreation Center
Outstanding Achievement in the Application of HVAC Technology, ASHRAE, 2012