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Interface Milestones

Celebrating December ReCharge Recipients

Dec 19, 2023

This month, we’re delighted to celebrate the anniversaries of two amazing team members — Calvin Karsch (Sr. Fire/Life Safety Designer) and Sal Ybarra (Mechanical Designer).

Principal Kenton Aikens shares:

Whenever I think about the FLS team, I remind myself how cohesive our team is and how the sense of camaraderie has developed over the years. Calvin has been integral to that development and the fostering of the team culture. He puts in extra time and effort with our newer team members to help them become seamlessly integrated, passing on to them both technical and practical knowledge. Challenges are approached with a “can do” mind set and he is always looking to improve his own skillsets as well as the methods and processes of the team. I am proud to have been a team member with him for his first ten-year milestone and look forward to the next ten. Congratulations, Calvin!

Associate Principal Dominic Pedotto shares:

Sal’s work ethic and attention to detail have been key to the successes of Team Pismo and he is pleasure to work with each day. Congratulations are certainly in order for 15 fantastic years!

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