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World Plumbing Day 2020

Mar 11, 2020

World Plumbing Day, initiated by the World Plumbing Council, highlights the essential role of plumbing in the health, safety and sustainability of our community. Members of our plumbing team share some thoughts about their discipline.

Reducing water and energy consumption in buildings is something that I find motivating when designing plumbing systems. This is something we’re looking closer at as we shift towards electrifying water heating to decarbonize buildings. Eliminating natural gas during the design process is a critical part of this shift, which accounts for 89% of direct fossil fuel emissions from buildings. Additionally, I like to look out for opportunities that optimize plumbing systems to increase performance while reducing the overall cost – a win-win for any building. - John Lansing CPD, LEED Green Associate, Plumbing Designer

I thoroughly enjoy doing plumbing design. Being able to design a part of a building and see it get built is a great feeling. With all the advancements toward energy and water reduction, the industry is thriving in limiting the use of natural resources and making buildings more sustainable. - Chris Scott CPD, Associate, Senior Plumbing Designer

The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation” is one of my favorite posters: it’s rich with so much character and history! As plumbing designers we continue to protect the health of the public by designing highly functional, serviceable sanitary systems in an ever evolving world. The potable water the comes out of your tap is delivered through plumbing design. The hot water you enjoy in the shower is delivered through plumbing design. The sanitary and storm drainage that you want to go away happens through plumbing design. Plumbing design encompasses all of this while reducing both water and energy consumption and promoting healthier built environments. - Andrew Flanagan PE, LEED AP, GPD, Associate Principal, Senior Plumbing Engineer

I’ve had some people tell me I design like a contractor, my guiding principles are to use the fewest fittings and reduce the amount of pipe, with the goal of creating as simple of a design as possible while still being functional, easy to install, and code compliant. Finding creative solutions to layouts in both a visually pleasing and resource efficient manner is one of my favorite things about this job. - Justin Weise, Plumbing Designer 

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