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Jon Dizon

Rossmoor Tice Creek Fitness Center Renovation

Walnut Creek, California

Client: ELS Architecture and Urban Design

Building Size: 29,000 sf

Project Cost: $5.9 million

The project entailed the renovation of the approximately 29,000 square feet clubhouse in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek. The clubhouse houses a variety of amenities including fitness center, indoor aquatic facility, multiple multi-use rooms, locker rooms, catering kitchen, and meeting rooms. The renovation included the replacement of the HVAC and lighting systems.

Sustainable features include:

  • Skylights and south facing windows to maximize daylighting, paired with automatic daylight harvesting controls that continuously dim lighting fixtures to adjust for available daylight in the space.
  • Lighting control system strategy that allows over 90% of building occupants to have local dimming control of lights in each space increasing energy efficiency, comfort, productivity, and well-being.
  • Occupancy based control of selected receptacles to ensure that the receptacle loads are turned OFF when the space is vacant.
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