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Interface Milestones

Kristine Leavens

Apr 25, 2023

Congratulations to Associate and Sr. Electrical Engineer Kristine Leavens on her 10-year anniversary with Interface! Principal Mark O’Leary shares:

Wow, 10 years! It is hard for me to not think about my own career with the timing of this. Kristine is the longest duration person in my career with the direct day-to-day work. Spanning about half my career working together initially as an intern helping me as a Senior Engineer get sets out on Team Tamarack to now being an Associate Senior Engineer doing her own projects on team Cypress. I personally feel the first 10 is the toughest as you personally try to get complete comfort in all the consultant settings. And it is quite the accomplishment to do this with the same group of people over this time. That shows dedication, loyalty, and trust. Which, hopefully is felt reciprocated by the team. It would be hard to imagine the working life without her as she brings a very stable value to the team keeping quality of work high, good client relationships, and longevity. ReCharge to me is Interface Engineering – it is about taking a minute and feeling appreciated to all the hard work, accomplishment, time to reflect, and to think about what comes next in our pursuit to work together at being our best. Congratulations Kristine!

Interface Milestones
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