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WATG Urban

Curve Appeal 3D House Prototype

Interface is collaborating with WATG Urban, Branch Technology, and Thorton Tomasetti on an innovative new model home that will be built as a 3D printed structure.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Client: WATG Urban

Building Size: 1000 sf

Certifications: Seeking Zero Energy Certification

The Curve Appeal House prototype utilizes the latest advances in 3D printing technology, and its clean and efficient forms showcase the potential of a new construction methodology. Pulling the project together is a zero energy approach, coordinating best-in-class HVAC equipment with a roof-top solar system. The system is designed with site-specific modifications in mind, including the easy incorporation of a ground-coupled borehole or in-floor radiant heating depending on where the house is built.

WATG Urban
WATG Urban
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at University of California, Davis

Davis, California

Riverside Main Library

Riverside, California