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Miller Hull Partnership

Honouliuli Middle School

Hawaii’s Department of Education is designed and constructed a 21st century middle school in the fast growing East Kapolei neighborhood.

Kapolei, Hawaii

Client: Ferraro Choi, Miller Hull Partnership

Building Size: 150,000 sf

Project Cost: $100 million

Certifications: HI-CHPS Verified Goal

This campus was developed in a very collaborative manner. The goal was to design an energy efficient building that took advantage of the site and wind direction to provide a mixed mode for cooling and ventilating. CFD models were developed to assist in the placement of current and future buildings to allow for enough pressure differential to drive natural ventilation.

When conditions are not favorable for natural ventilation, then an energy recovery cooling system was used to control temperature and relative humidity. A problem that was identified during analysis was that Hawaii typically over cools its air to control humidity, but it requires students to wear jackets in the classrooms. A first of its kind solution was developed to mitigate this issue. The rejected heat from the classroom was collected and routed to a coil downstream to reheat the air for free to avoid an environment that would require the students to wear a jacket indoors.

During commissioning, the Interface Engineering Department in conjunction with NABCO, ensured that the first of its kind system operated per design.

Miller Hull Partnership
Miller Hull Partnership
Miller Hull Partnership
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