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Josh Partee

Faubion School

Concordia College of Education

Portland, Oregon

Client: Bora Architects

Building Size: 135,000 sf

Project Cost: $48.8 million

Certifications: LEED Gold Goal

Thanks to Oregon Voters and a unique educational partnership, a newly-rebuilt Faubion School will be the site of the nation’s first 3-PhD Campus putting aspiring educators into classrooms with k-8 students. The program aims to prepare student teachers for real classroom situations. Sustainability measures include:

  • Premium Efficiency Motors on Fans/Pumps
  • High Efficiency Condensing Boilers
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • 150kW Solar PV Array to generate 166,320 kWh per year
  • High-Efficiency Condensing Hot Water Heaters
  • Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures
  • Daylighting Strategies
  • Occupancy-Sensor-Controlled Lighting
  • High Performance Glazing System
  • Energy-Star-Rated Appliances

News & Awards

  • High Performance Award, Honorable Mention, Energy Trust Of Oregon, 2018
Josh Partee
Josh Partee
Josh Partee
Josh Partee
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