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Camas School District

Hayes Freedom High School

Students play a critical role in Hayes Freedom High School’s energy and water performance. They provided input in early design meetings, and currently offer tours to visitors to show how the building systems work.

Camas, Washington

Client: Mahlum

Building Size: 20,400 sf

Project Cost: $3.8 million

Constructed to be net-zero ready, budget and design decisions were made to maximize current, affordable efficiencies while foreseeing additional savings from future features that can be easily achieved through common technologies when the budget allows. The new school relies on a solar combined heating and power system where solar duct modules serve as the mounting point for photovoltaic (PV) panels. Throughout the building automatic controls provide users feedback on their consumption habits. LCD displays show energy and cost information for each classroom, spurring savings competitions and providing a view of the direct results of the students’ actions.

News & Awards

  • Merit Award, CEFPI Washington State Chapter, 2017
  • Sustainable Award, AIA Portland, 2011
  • Oregon Section Award, Illuminating Engineering Society, 2011
Camas School District
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