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Jeremy Bittermann

Intuit Headquarters

Marine Way Building

Mountain View, California

Client: WRNS Studio

Building Size: 370,000 sf

Certifications: LEED Platinum

Interface provided design services for Intuit’s new 370,000 square foot office and campus. The building includes three levels office space, conference rooms, a cafeteria with a full service kitchen, a central atrium, and one level of below grade parking. Sustainable systems include:

  • dual purpose smoke control system, which provides natural ventilation and passive relief air
  • passive atrium smoke control system
  • under floor air distribution system for increase ventilation efficiency, and reduced fan and chiller plant energy
  • high efficiency central plant with variable speed chillers and waterside economizers
  • radiant slab systems
  • radiant ceiling systems
  • green roofs
  • photovoltaic systems

News & Awards

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