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Kristina Santi

Building 2100 Academic Support and Office Building

Las Positas College

Livermore, California

Client: LPAS Architecture + Design

Building Size: 85,000 sf

Project Cost: $62 million

Certifications: LEED Silver Goal

The project consists of a new 89,000 OGSF Administration Building, a 2,500 SF Library Addition, and 8,000 SF of Library Renovation. The campus is served by a central plant consisting of central chilled and heating hot water as well as a campus 12kV power distribution loop.

  • Classrooms / Labs: 15,300 GSF
  • Tutoring Center: 11,900 GSF
  • Computer Studies Program: 11,800 GSF
  • Shared Spaces: 4,200 GSF
  • Faculty Spaces: 14,250 GSF
  • Circulation / Support: 31,023 GSF
  • Library Addition: 2,500 GSF
  • Library Renovation: 8,000 GSF (4,000 GSF B2100; 4,000 GSF Room 2401)
Las Positas College Building 2100 Academic Support and Office Building

Livermore, California

Oregon Supreme Court Modernization

Salem, Oregon