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Sally Painter

Academic and Student Recreation Center

Portland State University

Portland, Oregon

Client: Yost Grube Hall Architecture

Building Size: 122,000 sf

Project Cost: $81 million

Certifications: LEED Gold

Portland State University’s existing Center for Advanced Technology was replaced by a spacious new energy efficient facility. The five story building houses a new student recreation center, academic space, office, retail and parking. The building features a multitude of energy conserving measures:

  • Daylighting and variable speed pumps for on demand heating and cooling.
  • Lighting fixtures more efficient than code.
  • Rainwater harvesting system with low-flow fixtures provide 85% water savings compared to a standard building.
  • Well water cooling system.
  • Well water source heat pump system.
  • Temperature control linked to occupancy sensors.
  • Flexible gymnasium ventilation system.
  • Building Automation System directed reduction of air flow in natatorium at optimal times.
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