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Jeff Amram Photography

Roosevelt High School

Portland, Oregon

Client: Bassetti Architects

Building Size: 228,000 sf

Project Cost: $97 million

Certifications: LEED Gold

A school bond enabled Portland Public Schools to return this historic campus to its former glory, and 2014 marked the beginning of an ambitious modernization process. An important piece to this project was keeping the historical registration. The 1921 core building with famous bell tower and 1930 theater extension exterior and shell remained, but interior was entirely renovated. Interface incorporated many energy efficient and user comfort strategies into the design including a high efficient air source heat pumps for primary heat and cooling, ceiling fans in large open spaces, radiant heat floors, various photovoltaic systems including different roof mount strategies, fixed and single axis photovoltaic integrated bike canopy structures and photovoltaic thin film integrated on awning structure, LED lamping with dimmable drivers, occupancy/motion sensor lighting controls, and daylighting controls.

Jeff Amram Photography
Jeff Amram Photography
Jeff Amram Photography
Jeff Amram Photography
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