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Douglas Peebles

Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

Japan Village Walk will be the new home for Shirokiya, which was established in 1662. The design inspiration for the project is a “traditional Japanese town reminiscent of old Kyoto.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Client: Next Design

Building Size: 55,000 sf

Project Cost: $35 million

Interface provided electrical engineering and fire alarm services for Shirokiya’s new 55,000 sf Japanese food village. The new food court located on the ground level of Ala Moana’s new Ewa Wing will include:

  • Yataimura - quality food court and beer garden, 800 seats
  • Nippon Komachi - shopping alleys
  • Omatsuri Hiroba - festival and event square
  • Guardian Spirit Sanctuary - good luck gods
  • KZOO - radio station
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Elk Grove, California

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