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Bruce Damonte

CJ Huang Building

Stanford University

Palo Alto, California

Client: WRNS Studio

Building Size: 30,000 sf

Project Cost: $17 million

The CJ Huang building for the Stanford School of Medicine is a 31,000 gross square foot, three-story building with a 19,000 gross square foot basement garage located in the Stanford University Medical Center. This design-build project consists of offices, conference rooms, IT space and small kitchenettes on each floor.

The building is served by one DX rooftop air handling unit serving VAV boxes on all three floors and two ductless split systems located in the IT rooms and heating hot water is provided by one condensing boiler. Three exhaust fans serve as general exhaust as well as one exhaust fan that operates based on CO sensors in the underground garage. The lighting system is controlled by occupancy sensors throughout the building and a lighting control panel that operates the outside lights on a photocell and sweeps in the interior lights on an occupancy schedule.

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