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Sean Totanes

Lagunita Court Student Housing

Stanford University

Palo Alto, California

Client: BAR Architects

Building Size: 66,000 sf

Project Cost: $25 million

This construction project includes two new undergraduate residences, each with adjoining resident fellow residences. Both new houses will be four-class residences, each providing beds for 100 (200 total) undergraduate students (including Resident Assistants), two new resident fellow residences, and necessary program spaces including:

  • One-room singles with adjoining doors that allow maximum flexibility to create two-room doubles
  • Shared gender-neutral restrooms on each floor
  • Computer cluster/Group-learning spaces with standard supportive technologies, furnishings, and finishes
Sean Totanes
Sean Totanes
Stanford University Manzanita Student Housing

Palo Alto, California

San Jose State University SE Quadrant Conceptual Design

San Jose, California