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Benjamin Arrif

Victory Academy

Victory Academy was founded with the goal of providing a quality education to K-8 students on the autism spectrum who require varying levels of academic and social support.

Sherwood, Oregon

Client: Opsis Architecture

Building Size: 17,000 sf

Project Cost: $5.25 million

This project was financed entirely via fundraising, challenging Interface Engineering’s design team to find the most cost-effective energy and water savings possible. Sustainable features incorporated into the design include natural ventilation, radiant floor slabs, low-flow water conserving fixtures, CO2 sensors and building mass pre-cooling using night time flush. Energy-conscious lighting design solutions use both passive infrared and ultrasonic occupancy sensors to turn off lights when no one is the room. Our designers utilized daylight sensors to dim or turn off lights, as well as manual dimmable lighting. Students have access to powered appliances and the opportunity to learn the life skills needed for an independent and productive future.

Benjamin Arrif
Benjamin Arrif
Eugene School District Arts and Technology Academy Renovation

Eugene, Oregon

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Bend, Oregon