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Christian Columbres

Clay Creative

In 2006, a fire destroyed most of this commercial building. The empty skeleton provided a canvas for local street artists for years. The fully renovated building now stands at 5 stories of offices, parking and a common kitchen and collaboration space. Despite the recent transformation, glimmers of its history remain within the urban aesthetics and lingering graffiti art.

Portland, Oregon

Client: Mackenzie

Building Size: 65,000 sf

Project Cost: $15 million

Certifications: Seeking LEED Platinum

Sustainable features such as high efficiency heating and water systems and low-energy LED lighting contribute to the 25% expected energy savings and LEED Platinum goal. The most challenging aspect of the open plan office lies within the top 4 floors. The underfloor air distribution – a relatively uncommon system – was built to provide both optimal comfort and the desired aesthetics associated with an exposed structure. Instead of traditional concrete slabs, 2x6 studs were laminated face-to- face to create a superior insulated floor assembly. The end result not only provides an innovative way to reduce energy, it also proved one of the most exciting selling points for the owners. The location in Portland’s hip Central Eastside - and one of the best views of downtown - further increased the desirability to both owner and tenants.

Christian Columbres
Christian Columbres
Christian Columbres
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