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Scott Edwards Architecture

Evergreen Space Aviation and Museums

Airplanes and spacecraft are marvels of modern engineering and design. Visitors to Oregon can see some of the best examples of these iconic structures at the Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum in McMinnville.

McMinnville, Oregon

Client: Scott Edwards Architecture, Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects

The museum is best known for housing the Spruce Goose: the infamous “Flying Boat” flown by Howard Hughes in 1947, and when the museum added an exhibit to house a decommissioned Titan II missile, one of only five on display in the world, Interface was again called upon to assist. The design called for a 25-foot-deep missile silo to be built to house the launch simulator. Interface designed a sump pump system, as well as an exhaust system to induce air changes from the lower levels and launch room. The lighting team also worked extensively to design period-appropriate lighting for the launch site replica.

Scott Edwards Architecture
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Scott Edwards Architecture
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