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Sally Painter

Taylor 28

Located just blocks from the Space Needle is Taylor 28, the first residential and mixed-use development in the area with a focus on green living by implementing green features including a rainwater harvesting system, dual flush toilets, and water reducing fixtures.

Seattle, Washington

Client: Mithun

Building Size: 160,000 sf

Project Cost: $40 million

Certifications: LEED Silver

Sustainably designed elements reduce water use 31 percent and save 1.1 million gallons per year compared to a standard mixed-use building. Additional strategies included energy efficient mechanical systems, occupancy censors in common areas, daylighting throughout the building, and using rainwater for retail area toilets. Interface also provided fundamental commissioning, which verified that the facility and its systems meet the owner’s project requirements.

Sally Painter
Sally Painter
Nektar Therapeutics Corporate Headquarters

San Francisco, California

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