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Chip Allen

Yosemite Hall

University of California, Davis

Davis, California

Client: HKS Architects | DPR Construction

Building Size: 105,000 sf

Project Cost: $55 million

Certifications: Seeking LEED Gold

Interface was part of the Design Build team, along with DPR and HKS, for a new four-story student housing building that replaced the out-of-date Webster Hall, which was built in 1967.

The project focused on providing an all-electric solution to eliminate the use of any natural gas or products of combustion on site. In order to achieve this, an air cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with heat recovery was provided for space heating and cooling and a central air cooled Heat Pump domestic water system with solar thermal was provided for all building domestic hot water. Provisions for installing a future photovoltaic system were also provided to allow for further reduction of building energy use.

Chip Allen
Chip Allen
Chip Allen
San Jose State University SE Quadrant Conceptual Design

San Jose, California

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