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Stephen Cridland

Shiley Hall

University of Portland

The University and design team targeted LEED Silver, but were able to achieve LEED Platinum due to several sustainable features

Portland, Oregon

Client: Soderstrom Architects

Building Size: 45,000 sf remodel + 34,000 sf addition

Project Cost: $17.8 Million

Certifications: LEED Platinum

Located on one of the most prestigious college campuses in Oregon, the University of Portland’s Donald P. Shiley Hall is a renovation and addition to the school’s engineering building. The building is not only a teaching facility, but also serves as an interactive space where students can see the mechanical and electrical systems at work. The design team applied a variety of integrated sustainable solutions to the Shiley Hall project. One of the most innovative features on the project extracts the “coolness” from early morning campus irrigation operation and stores it in the flooring, cooling the building throughout the day as needed. This essentially provides free cooling for the facility.

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